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Nathaniel Daniels | The World We're Living in | Emotional | Country Rock
Nathaniel Daniels | The World We're Living in | Emotional | Country Rock

Indulge in Emotion: Nathaniel Paul’s Hauntingly Beautiful new single ‘The World We’re Living In”

Sometimes music has the power to evoke emotions regardless of whether the listener wants it to or not. You can feel the melodies and the vocals just wrap itself around you, and slowly tighten on your chest. The tightness transforms to tears. Tears that come from deep stemming emotions, and become a source of comfort. Nathaniel Paul does just that. Gives you a big tight hug with his music. I mean after all – “It is a funny world that we are living in”

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Nathaniel Paul has an angelic voice that just seems to speak directly to my very being. It permeates all the physical barriers and it feels like i can hear him inside. Rather than hear him outside! I don’t even know how to make sense of that. Its like Nathaniel’s voice just goes straight into you like a “Dementor’s Kiss” from the Harry Potter series. His warm instruments perfectly compliment his amazing voice and together they just create that tightness in my chest.

“What if I told you… That everything you knew… Could change in a moment… And there was nothing you could do?”

The relatability of the lyrics in his new single – “The World We’re Living in”, adds that extra layer of emotion that instantly connects you with the artist. The song starts of with beautiful guitar strums and my favorite part – Nathaniel’s voice. Right from the beginning Nathaniel gives the listener what they want and slowly narrates the story of this funny world that we live in. The vocals have this slight reverb that just gives it the right amount of wetness. I just cant get over the vocals, its almost as if I don’t want to listen to anything else! To match the vocals, Nathaniel plays the mildest guitar tunes that just give you that sinking feeling in your chest.

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My favorite part is when the accordions come in, giving it that perfect country vibe while still being one of the most emotional songs I’ve heard. Its almost like a satire of the world we live in. Regardless of what you think you know, what you do or who you are – nothing is in your control- because we all live in a funny world.

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