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DALT - Untitled
DALT - Untitled

DALT – Untitled | Expansive

With a wide array of influences, DALT, is an American Rap and RnB artist with catchy melodies and earworm hooks. As a part of the 215Alive crew, DALT spends most of his time working closely with Lil Xay and Little Bomb. Working off of the success of his debut album, Yesses Outta Maybes, he has come back time and again with better music every single time. Moreover, his ability to fuse elements of genres to create his own niche is absolutely incredible.

Untitled, DALT’s latest single, is a smooth, synth-heavy track that sounds groovy as heck. The beat is extremely mellow and utilises the synth so well. The drums, minimal as they are, add some incredible depth to the track. However, the piano and synth work is relatively complex but so incredible to listen to. Collaborating with Ben Seltzer on Untitled, DALT found a really good partner to take that second verse and hit those harmonies towards the end of the track. As a lover of synthesizers in general, I must say that Untitled does the instrument justice.

The entire track just works so well. DALT has this unique ability to blend and move through genres so easily. I absolutely love everything that goes on in this track and I can tell you that you won’t be bored for a second. But wait, there’s more. Read on down below for an exclusive with the man himself!

How would you describe the DALT sound?

I would describe the DALT sound as a tasteful and eclectic blend of soulful production and pop melodies. I pull inspiration from many different artists spanning all kinds of genres, and I try to reflect that versatility in my music.

Why did you go with the name Untitled for your latest track?

I went with the name “Untitled” because I literally could not pick a name. My engineer decided it would be a cool idea if we released the track without a name and had fans send us suggestions. Anyone can do so on Instagram at @daltg123 and I’ll reveal my favorite as the new name when the album is released.

Can you share a few albums or artists that have influenced you?

A few of the albums that have inspired me the most are Mac Miller’s “Swimming,” “Malibu” by Anderson .Paak, and “Trilogy” by The Weeknd. I’m also a huge fan of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Smino, and J.I.D.

How would you describe your process in creating music?

I usually start with the music itself, whether it’s my own beat or one of my buddies’. I find it harder to write to my own beats sometimes, but I have come a long way as a producer in the past year and it’s given me more creative control than I’ve ever had in the past. This particular song is very special to me because it’s my first self-produced release.

What is it about rap that led you towards creating music?

Nothing makes me more excited than hip-hop. Listening is like a therapeutic release of energy for me, and I’ve always been a fan of some clever wordplay. It’s a widely diverse genre that isn’t afraid to experiment and cross over.

What’s next for DALT?

Working on a new album! This one is going to be a lot more soulful and genre-bending than my previous work. It will include elements of R&B, hip-hop, jazz, pop, funk, and a few others. It will also have a strong emphasis on production, as I want it to be as sonically pleasing as possible. And of course, since it’s a DALT album, the transitions will be mighty saucy.

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