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Unapologetically Melodic – False Nostalgia | Anemoic Piano Nostalgia

Canadian orchestral composer Odin Rush with his project Unapologetically Melodic has had a career spanning over twenty years in music production and composition. In his latest piano neo-classical EP False Nostalgia, we are treated to great musicianship and strong musical songwriting. Over the years, Rush has made music in a myriad styles ranging from video game scores to electronic rock, ambient fantasy soundtracks, and scoring for film trailers. While Rush’s previous works are all epic-sounding vast orchestral pieces, False Nostalgia is a stripped-down five-track piano EP that runs a little over twelve minutes. The album takes the listener back through a fictitious memory lane to the Victorian Era.

False Nostalgia beings with Anemoia and its cascading waterfall of piano phrases and quintuple meter. The track creates a sense of nostalgia which creates sweet melancholic momentum. The phenomenon of anemoia refers to nostalgia for unknown times. The second track Easthallow Moors creates a contemplative aura. The main melody is built very masterfully by Odin over the relentless harmonic background. The bass and low-end piano towards the outro create a strong sense of finality.

Bircham Manor is a song that has a waltzing and almost galloping melody. We also hear cellos in the arrangement on this one, adding a powerful reflective tone. The penultimate track Parasols is a light joyhearted song that might remind you of mirthy childhood memories and beautiful past memories. It has nursery rhyme-like quality to it with a wistful lining. The EP concludes with the title track which forms a beautiful pensive Escher’s knot of an arrangement and melody. The thematic background for the record reflects the existence of a multitude of past histories in the same spaces we currently exist.

Evidently from the title of his act, Odin makes music that tries to bring melody to the forefront of songs, away from the trappings of arrangement and production wizardry. Therefore, we find that his music is mostly in the space of epic and cinematic composition influenced by films and video games. The compositions and bare-bones piano arrangement highlight the primacy of the core melodic, harmonic, and rhythm elements of true composition.

Rush notes the fact that there are more than 79 octillion ways to possibly combine 8 notes. We won’t be running out of melodies anytime soon. Unapologetically Melodic has artwork that has the right eyes of characters he’s composing around. The album was composed by Rush in spontaneous bursts of inspiration to form a firm piece of solid compositional work. With his record False Nostalgia, Rush leads away from the trend of the death of melody seen in pop, film, and classical music. Rush’s work would make composers like Jasper Kyd, John Williams, and Hanz Zimmer proud.

Listen to this beautiful neoclassical piano EP False Nostalgia here!

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