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Frank Joshua – Talk Of Things | Exploring Time and Emotion

Discover the soulful, unique sound of Frank Joshua, a London-based singer-songwriter. His music features painful, playful lyrics paired with melodic tunes and jazz-influenced piano parts. Frank’s sound ranges from delicate and vulnerable to growly and threatening, perfect for a mature audience looking for meaning and reflections in their own lives. The music is sparse, intimate, and warmly produced, offering a refreshing escape from the norm. With roots in the North London alternative scene of the late 80s and early 90s, Frank’s music is a reflection of his journey, one filled with knockbacks, but his passion and dedication to creating music shines through in every track.

Frank has released a new album “Talk of Things.” “Talk of things” has 11 songs in total. The first song on the album is “Five Minutes- Jon Kennedy Remix” and it’s a really cool mix of trip-hop and thoughtful lyrics. It’s like taking a trip through time and the music and words make you think about how time goes by. The piano notes and beats make you feel like you’re in a dream and the singer’s words make you think about the importance of every moment. It’s a really well-made song that will stay in your head even after it’s over.

The second track on the album, “Rain – Azido 88 Remix,” draws you in with its seductive blend of Joshua’s velvety vocals, brooding lyrics, and Azido 88’s lo-fi hip-hop style. At first, you might think that this combination would be a disaster, but it’s a mesmerizing piece of art. The song expertly combines classic R&B dreaminess with a gritty, rock-infused edge. All layered on top of a smooth, soulful beat that builds and intensifies as the song progresses. With just the right amount of hip-hop flavor, this song will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat. But it also has a dreamy, ethereal quality that makes it incredibly easy to get lost in, time and time again.

Nestled as the third track on the album, “Free- Frank Kennedy Remix” is a harmonious collaboration between Jon and Joshua. Jon’s deft touch in blending together various styles and grooves is nothing short of mesmerizing. “Free- Frank Kennedy Remix” is a musical journey that exudes a laid-back, chill vibe that will uplift you.

In the depths of isolation, Frank Joshua presents the fourth track on his album, “Loneliest Place In The World – Tim Angrave Solitary Version”. The haunting strings that open the song set the stage for an atmospheric journey, accompanied by a poignant piano melody. As the song unfolds, a melancholic voice joins in, adding layers of emotion to the beautiful composition.

Frank Joshua’s album continues to captivate with its fifth track, “Sense Life – Jon Kennedy Remix”. A feast for the ears, this song is a harmonious blend of sound effects, synths, basslines and vocals that create an irresistible chill vibe. This is a song that will make you want to groove. So impressed with this song!

“Cry Blue- Azido 88 Remix” is a hauntingly beautiful song that will send chills down your spine. The piano sound at the song’s beginning is unique and excellent, and the guitar and synths join in afterward to create a special and atmospheric sound that will take you into a new world. This song is perfect for a rainy day or any day you need to relax and escape reality. The song’s lyrics are also very haunting and beautiful, adding to the ethereal atmosphere of the song. The singer’s voice is perfect for the song, and it’s clear that a lot of emotion was put into the performance.

In “The Greed and The Hunger- Whitelight Remix,” the drum demands our attention from the first beat. It’s complete, the rich sound fills the room, and our bodies instinctively start moving to its rhythm. We may not be able to help it, but we can’t resist dancing when we hear that kick drum. The rest of the instruments build the track up into a full, driving remix that is impossible to ignore. It’s a song that takes us away from our worries and lets us enjoy the moment.

Frank Joshua is an artist who always fascinates his audiences with his creative and unique artwork. His latest composition, “What Price A Smile,” is no different. The piece begins with synths that intrigued me about what the song offers. The tempo then picks up, with the vocals leading the way in a fast-paced and catchy rhythm. As the song picks up, you know the amazement it offers with its bassline, repetitive synths, and creative lyrics. Frank’s voice is the icing on the cake – it’s so velvety and smooth it just melts in your ears. This is one of those songs that you can’t help but smile and sing along to.

“Panic in the Kitchen- Whitelight Retake” is a melody that will transport you to a dreamlike realm with its captivating harmony. Imagine sitting by the window, watching the raindrops dance on the glass, and letting this song envelope you in its soothing embrace. The gentle piano notes, grand synths, and smooth percussions will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud of serenity. The vocals, both gorgeous and passionate, will leave you in a state of awe, making you exclaim “so beautiful” with every listen. This song is a symphony of etherealness, a masterpiece that will make you smile and take you on a journey to a realm beyond the ordinary.

“If I – Time Angrave Version” is a tantalizing tune envelops you in a shroud of mystery. The song begins with a slow, simmering build as the bassline gradually gains momentum, pulling you deeper and deeper into the unknown. Like a beacon in the darkness, the synths guide you forward, illuminating the path ahead. Shrouded in an ambient haze, the mysterious voice singing lyrics adds an extra layer of intrigue, leaving you wondering what secrets lie hidden just beyond reach. As the song progresses, it takes on a trance-like quality, drawing you further and further into its mysterious depths. It is a song that leaves you guessing, yet keeps you listening, captivated by the unknown.

“Torture” is a fitting finale to the album, a powerful and captivating track that is impossible to fully capture in words. The serious and dazzling synths, the thumping bass line, and the crisp vocals come together to create an energetic and hypnotic ambiance that will leave you mesmerized. With each listens, you’ll discover new layers and subtle variations that will keep you coming back for more. The song’s driving beat will have you bobbing your head, unable to resist its infectious energy. The track is a true tour-de-force, a culmination of all the album has to offer, leaving a lasting impression and a desire for more.

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