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Sambox sends shivers down your spine with instrumental mastery in “Insouciance”

Sambox is responsible for a renaissance in instrumental music from a new perspective. The perspective of a musician and composer, revisiting master works and finding his own edge in music. From television to movies-his music is heard assisting the drama and play of a scene. This is his latest single with Anita Barbereau & Samuel Pineau. Enjoy the double A side that is Insouciance

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No word more perfectly describes the songs you will hear. Sambox opens the treasure chest with Rénaissance. Softly hitting the shore like the surf white tides, it is a harmonic marriage of strings and piano. While the flowing lead is taken by the violin, the piano lays the steps for the background sound. It is truly emotional to listen to, a lightness to it like a cocoon of joy and euphoria. The arrangement makes sure you hear it and feel it in one flow-like the bobbing buoy staring at the ocean. It is a powerful piece. In Evidence, they explore a more sombre tune, ranging from the lows to the highs. You explore the plains first-while higher ground etches something important yet emotionally heavy. You’ll feel the goosebumps rise as the weather will change around you. Sambox is a prime example of how you don’t need lyrics to incite emotion. 

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His singles from his 2019 album, La Parisienne are chock-full of hair-raising tunes. From warm-toned to peppy and energetic-he seems to have them all. A master of collaborating without compromising style, it is always a pleasure to listen to him. Listen to his single here and be sure to follow him!:

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