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Start A Fire – Angela Aux | Ballad

Angela Aux is a songwriter and poet from Bilbao, coming out with their latest single, “Start A Fire”, a slow ballad with lush instrumentation and clean vocals that is sure to impress. Over the course of this review, I will be going over what it is that makes this song positively great in my opinion– keep reading to find out.

The instrumentation is what I would describe, in one word, lush. There is a ton of space going around between your ears that all it takes is for you to simply close your eyes to immediately feel transported to another world, and this trait of “Start A Fire” left me thoroughly impressed. The vocals are delivered cleanly too, with the clarity and the melodic consistency shining through rather strikingly, a feature of this song that I came to quite love over the course of my listening to this song.

The production, as I always take time to talk about, is beautifully done, with the blend in the energies over the course of the song being in harmony, in synergy, almost with the listener. There are quite a number of instances where this stood out as a good thing to me– and overall, there is an excellent play in the dynamics of this song that keeps it an interesting listen throughout.

With “Start A Fire”, Angela Aux comes in with a song that is enjoyable, easy on the ears, and most importantly, sounds well-produced and excellently executed. Check out “Statt A Fire” here!

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