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Atlanta based singer-songwriter and producer JOIE GREY has an evocative new single release titled SILVER SURFER. The Montgomery, Alabama native is an Alternative R&B and pop musician and also an accomplished dancer in hip-hop and contemporary dance. The lyrics also include references to Croatian-American former professional basketball player Toni Kukoč and Avatar Last Airbender anti-hero Zuko. Balancing the romantic and nerdy on this song, Grey sets the notation sheet on fire. His song Untitled with its rising popularity even compelled him to release a slowed and reverbed version.

The song begins with some really unique sounding synths. Subtle but emotive vocals by JOIE GREY adorn this heavenly arrangement. The vocals are performed with control and good dynamics. The synth lines forming the arrangement is like lo-fi signal with good doses of reverbs and chorus effects. The rhythm and beats establish a rooted and catchy groove. On this groove, the vocals and production sit aptly. Some really get electronic synth production with ethereal tones are the cherry on the icing.

The single covert art consists of bullion silver bars. The words Wall Street Mint are engraved on them with subtle light pink and blue hues adorning the white silver bullion bars. A very well chosen colour tone which goes perfectly with the mood of the song. The music video features animation footage of the famed namesake Marvel character. Much like the SILVER SURFER, JOIE GREY sound as if he’s surfing through the galaxies on this eruptive track. Do not miss it!

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