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The Qwarks - You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)
The Qwarks - You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)

The Qwarks – You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends) | Noir

The Qwarks are a quirky little group with the best sense of humour. Hailing from Brighton, the band has performed in various global venues, just not together. All that is slowly changing as The Qwarks gather momentum towards their musical journey. The band defines their unique sound as psych-rock-proto-punk-ready-salted which is oddly specific yet true. After the album, The Qwarks are Cancelled gained much success in August ’21, the band is rolling out the latest material.

You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends) sounds like a mouthful (or another Fall Out Boy title). However, the track is a space, psychedelic, proto-punk journey. This track sounds as if David Bowie, Queen, and Blur created music together. I absolutely love this. The track is so self-aware, often making comments via the lead vocalist. The track is filled with upbeat rhythms that will get you in the mood. You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends) is a scathing satire of how quick people’s attention span can be in this era of technology. It’s as though there is so much content out there that nobody has time to fully appreciate any one artist like in the before-fore times.

The Qwarks are this incredibly imaginative band with so much creativity flowing through each song. You can really listen to one of these songs and entertain yourself with hilarious commentary. There is literally nothing more entertaining than these guys. Catch them live in Bristol or at a gig that you can spot on their Spotify.

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