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Marty Zylstra – Sticks Like Snow | Mood of December

Marty Zylstra, a pop-rock singer, has created a Christmas song titled “Sticks Like Snow,” which takes you down a bittersweet memory lane. It has the ability to totally immerse you in his music. The songwriting has such lovely visual allusions that the tune fully relaxes you. I had a great time travelling with the song; the structure truly carries you along and reminds you of wonderful memories. Marty Zylstra’s voice timbre and delivery have the potential to transmit you. He expertly manoeuvres you around delightful corners. The Christmas season is well depicted, and it makes you feel fantastic.

Marty Zylstra’s vocal delivery has a huge impact because of his persistent intensity. We didn’t feel disconnected from the song for a single second. The tune moves along well. The arrangement has an effective rise and fall that adds to the song’s emotional intensity. The song is mostly based on glistening smooth strumming guitars, with percussion and bass providing excellent backing. The lyrical richness is enhanced by the guitar fills. The bells, on the other hand, sounded quite tempting to me. Furthermore, the deep string arrangement lends it a classic look. Overall, a song of pleasure and happiness in the spirit of the holiday season. The essence of the song will entice listeners to play it again and over again. 

We also have an interview with Marty Zylstra, who tells us about his experience with the song.

1. The song has such a positive vibe. How did you come up with the song’s notion? How did you come up with the idea for the song?

“This song was co-written by a very good friend of mine and I added my vocals to the existing track and we collaborated!”

2. I’m intrigued by the song’s instrumentation, which includes everything from guitars to violins to shimmering bells. How did you come up with the idea for the arrangement?

“Everything you hear was designed to make the listener feel nostalgic and in the spirit of the holidays!”

3. What has been your recording session experience? Do you have any amusing anecdotes you’d like to share with us?

” I’m lucky to have worked in a number of recording studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I’ve always had a great time working in studio and my producer JP Maurice and I tend to communicate in “Beatles” speak – “Make it sound more like Ringo” etc etc”

4. Who are you now listening to? Is there anyone whose music has influenced your sound or writing?

” I’m currently playing a lot of local music.  From Vancouver especially: Dwi, Willolux, JP Maurice, ACTORS to name a few.”

5. Is there anything more you’d like to say about the song or highlight for your fans?

“Thanks so much for taking the time to listen!  i really appreciate it!”

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