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“Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” by Nasmore: A Quirky and Confident Musical Adventure in Pop

Nasmore, a songwriter and producer based in Canada, didn’t simply opt to pursue his aspirations; instead, he opted to actively experience them each day. Commencing his musical voyage in early 2021, his path underscores an inexhaustible love for music and a dedication to originality. With his newest single, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”, does he manage to make me think (chuckles) that he is, indeed, sexy? Keep reading for my thoughts!

Everything about this song screams quirky and original to me– it’s bold, confident, and frank; there is not a single point in the song that makes the listeners second-guess themselves regarding the skill and the polish in the execution. From the fun, picked bass line in the intro to the slow, hard-hitting percussion, every element that piles on only manages to fill the sound up even better, not once hinting at a sense of overwhelm; and that, in my opinion, is a hallmark of good songwriting.

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The vocals take front and centre space in your ears, and for good reasons– the delivery is, simply put, apt and powerful. Coupled with the production that ranges from pop to pop rock to hip-hop style swinging drums, there is a multitude of genres here for one to pick out and appreciate; an audiophile’s wet dream, so to speak. All that, until we step into the hard rock solo passage– and everything I’ve said so far, it’s just turned up all the way to 11; and it leaves quite the impression.

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There is a broad variety in the instrumentation choice and the execution, with the elements seamlessly blending into and across each other, forming quite the musical symphony that picks at the farthest reaching corners of one’s listening brain; a feat that few musicians are able to achieve, and Nasmore does this with painstaking attention to detail.

To wrap it all up, I think Nasmore on “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” gets the answer to his question the moment one tunes into the song– and rightfully so, because it is, indeed, that well done. This song gets my two-thumbs-up recommendation, and then some more– check out the song here!

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