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iknition - is this love
iknition - is this love

IkNition Takes You on a Dance-Packed House Music Adventure with ‘Is This Love’ EP

Danny, AKA IkNition, grew up in the Netherlands and has had a lifelong love of music. His musical preferences range from pop to funk classics to rock, house, and dance music. Danny’s profound admiration is for the rich melodies and harmonies found in musical creations. For him, the core of music is its power to elicit positive feelings and forge a deep connection with the listener.

IkNition’s latest EP, “Is This Love,” has just been released, and it’s a genuine adrenaline booster. The EP doesn’t waste any time in getting us pumped up, starting things off with the electronic bop “Is This Love – Radio Edit.” It’s a terrific song with high-energy beats, youthful and cheerful synths, and an eclectic mix of musical elements. The female vocals are highly dynamic and add to the song’s already wonderful vibe. This will undoubtedly be added to your playlist for the next weekend party!

Then there’s the original version of “Is This Love.” The bassline here is especially striking, packing a punch. Layers of complexity are added by the elaborate synth work, producing a lush sound world that draws you in. The explosive vocals are hard to ignore.

“Is This Love – Deeper Mix Radio Edit” by IkNition takes a slightly different approach, with a lighter and more fun tone. The song begins with synths and crisp drums, setting the tone for an amazing musical journey. As the song proceeds, a compelling bassline shows up. The slower and more melodious vocal delivery sets aside this version. Despite the slower tempo, the irresistible beats keep you hooked, and you’ll find yourself nodding along.

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“Is This Love – Deeper Mix Edit” adopts a palpable House approach, with such an amazing bassline prominently featured from the opening. It creates a stunning musical atmosphere by setting a hypnotic tone and being complemented by repetitive shimmering synths.

The song is more instrumental in nature, allowing the music to take the lead and directing you on a rhythmic trip. At 1:25, a vibrant beat drop injects more life into the song, making it even more infectious. The song’s constant progression draws you in with each passing second. It’s the  makes you want to close your eyes, let the music wash over you, and lose yourself in its hypnotic aura. The occasional vocals maintain an ethereal component, adding to the composition’s overall relaxing and trance-like mood.

“Is This Love – Deeper Mix” by IkNition serves as the EP’s final track, and it’s a nearly 6-minute musical journey. Surprisingly, time seems to fly by while you’re engrossed in this song.

It begins with a booming bassline that draws your attention right away. Along with the repeating synths, an additional rhythmic element is incorporated, looping around the current bassline, contributing to the overall euphoric mood. The song has well-timed beat m drops and savvy instrument layering, resulting in a rich atmosphere.

The delicate ebb and flow is truly exceptional. It simply transports you on a musical journey similar to a night out at a bustling nightclub. The whole experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Enjoy listening to “Is This Love” by IkNition here.

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