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Alba James-Wake up in Your Eyes
Alba James-Wake up in Your Eyes
Alba James-Wake up in Your Eyes

Alba James-Wake up in Your Eyes | Horizon for love

Alba James is a poet in this life, she was one in her last. You might not believe in reincarnation, but certain scenarios make you wonder. Why don’t we all have the same penchant for words and their meaning? For music and its feeling? The world does need more poets and singers, painters and raconteurs. This is her latest single, Wake up in Your Eyes

You’ll feel the warmth of the morning for more reasons than one. It feels like a raw take, like you’re in the room, and she’s singing to you. The instrumentals, however, turn into a rich assortment of notes, chords and flourishes. Alba James understands that you’re treating the audience to an experience, and the sound reflects it. As the poetry is imbibed, you recede into a passage or a prose-with the kind of writing that is involved. It is an honest experience, of someone’s truth and their experience. The romance felt is not just through the experience and words, but the gentle cascade of progressions like this. It is an artistic dream palette, and it keeps growing to become the masterfully constructed magnum opus it is. 

Alba James’ music resonates with a lot of people, for the vibrations and frequencies she sings in. Songs like Pass, Lighter than Snow are examples, of how simple songwriting and meaningful lyrics can change the paradigm. You can listen to her music on Spotify and listen to this brilliant track here:

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