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New to the hip-hop scene, UG’s debut album “U HAVNT BEEN YOURSELF LATLEY” was released on August 5th and is already gaining attention with fan-favorite tracks “DAYDRINKING” and “MYSTIC MANGO.” This 15-track album showcases UG’s unique sound and style.


The album opens with “40 DOLLAR SALAD,” a laid-back track featuring a 808-driven hip-hop beat and conversational vocals. UG’s vocal delivery is particularly noteworthy on this track, and the dark instrumental tone adds depth.

AFTER DEATH” begins with a well-placed sample setting a somewhat dejected mood, followed by a bass-driven beat and UG’s deep vocals narrating a story about the journey after death.

Bad Advice” stands out with its guitar-driven beat and brighter soundscape in comparison to previous tracks. The intricate writing, including lines like “Sanitise my soul, let me know if you need a sacrifice,” is particularly noteworthy.

BORN” is one of the shorter tracks on the album, clocking in at 1:53. Soft and smooth synths create a dreamy soundscape, accompanied by a simple beat that carries the groove of the track. A theatrical performance featuring a monologue by a female in the middle adds to the track’s appeal as she discusses “hiding behind the smiling clown” and the need for therapy.

DAYDRINKING” begins with a melancholic piano melody introducing a hard-hitting 808-driven beat. UG’s vocals shine on this track, as he sings in a conversational rap style about how his past experiences and the occasional daydrinking, as the title might suggest.

DONT STRAY” features another monologue sample setting the premise for the track, which has a laid-back beat and strong melody. UG’s unique rap style adds to the mood of the track, and he excels on this track.

A Sight To See” has soft tones and begins in a spacious, deep soundscape. Lyrics like “I’m afraid and I don’t want this to go / I’m afraid it’s dark and cold” convey a sense of falling apart and an introspective journey. The track has a psychedelic vibe.

Home Brew” ft. Brandon Beano is a relaxed track featuring a relaxed beat. The vocals of Brandon Beano and UG complement each other well, and the production is top-notch, with the spaces in between creating tension and release that keep the track going.

Lebanese Fabric” ft. Brandon Beano is a badass track with confident lyricism and vulgarity. Brandon Beano delivers a killer verse with super-fast cadences and intricate lyricism, and both artists have great flow on this track.

MYSTIC MANGO” has a druggy beat, with flanged out and spacious production. UG’s verse ties everything together well, and lyrics like “please don’t minimize my importance / don’t blame me, blame the world I was born in” showcase UG’s sensual, confident, and introspective tone.

Nevermind” starts off with a story about being on shrooms over a minimal bass-heavy beat. UG’s vocal performance stands out with a lower-octave toned vocal that follows him after every line, and the production is top-notch.

Not A Cloud In The Sky” is a song about second thoughts and sensual premises. UG’s music has a drug-addled vibe and he creates these masterful sonic soundscapes that bring that vibe to the forefront.


UG’s debut album “U HAVNT BEEN YOURSELF LATLEY” is a showcase of the artist’s unique sound and style, featuring 15 tracks that span a range of moods and styles. From the laid-back “40 DOLLAR SALAD” and the introspective “AFTER DEATH” to the bright and guitar-driven “Bad Advice” and the chill and relaxed “Home Brew” ft. Brandon Beano, this album offers a diverse listening experience. UG’s deep vocals and clever lyricism stand out on tracks like “DAYDRINKING” and “MYSTIC MANGO,” while guest appearances by Brandon Beano on “Lebanese Fabric” and “Home Brew” add an extra layer of depth to the album. Overall, “U HAVNT BEEN YOURSELF LATLEY” is a strong debut from a promising new artist.

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