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kradriff | dark riff | electronic
kradriff | dark riff | electronic

Kradriff – Dark Riff | Sonic Goodness

An album that turns a walk in the park into a bottomless pit of imaginary scenarios in a world like TRON. Personally, I feel music without lyrics has a lot of scope for depth. When a song has lyrics, the listener tends to focus on the meaning of the lyrics, because that is something that they can identify. Then again, in music without lyrics, the listener is not put in this box. The listener is not restricted by their own perception. They have the power to derive any meaning from what they are listening. Pure sonic architecture!

Kradriff is a London based DJ and producer. He creates very deep and dark electronic music that is distinct and dance floor tested! His latest release, Dark Riff is a three-track album. The album is a dark and hypnotic tape that takes the listener on an emotional and euphoric ride through Kradriff’s world.

The first track Groans of Misery is an ideal track to start off an EP like this. It begins with a steady bassline that seems like its going to stay throughout the track. I already like the vibe. As the name suggests, you can hear some grainy groans as FX around the beginning of the track. The ambience also suggests the same. The risers used in the track are really well timed and create the necessary anticipation for the drops that surprisingly don’t even come close to disappointing. Utilizing the same bassline, Kradriff manipulates the energy levels of the track with some powerful FM leads.

Lament Soul is the second track of the album. Again, the track starts off with a steady bassline, Man, this album is a treat if you are in the mood for some light dancing and a hypnotic night. The steady bassline gives a really nice structure and continuity to the story line of the track. The slightly middle eastern synth melodies are an amazing vibe. The vocals are sonic goodies that just fade in and out , spiraling the listener into Kradriff’s complex sonic architecture.

The album ends with ‘Unconscious Despair’. This is a track title that I really like. It starts off with a slightly different bassline this time. The risers are thrown into the mix right from the early stages of the track. This track means business, right from the start. Very appropriate use of the synth melodies. This is a tried and tested style of electronic music that is sure to get the audience on their feet. The break is a sneak peek into Kradriff’s mind-blowing sonic wonderland with dark synth sounds and sweeping atmospheres. The bassline resumes and this time it feels like there is twice as much energy in the track. The secret ingredient of the ‘Dark Riff’, are his percussions. They add so much energy and movement to each track that its very clearly audible even to the average listener.

The whole album is a sonic masterpiece. A really deep and creative work of art by Kradriff!

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