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Pere Bujosa-Arise
Pere Bujosa-Arise
Pere Bujosa-Arise

Pere Bujosa-Arise | Of mortals and gods

Rare is it that you will find music lovers that understand jazz. I love music, and I love jazz as well. The unfortunate part being, I understand none of it. My first rendezvous with jazz was watching Chick Corea’s Akoustic Band playing in Hamburg in 1987. The crowd went wild when Chick did his signature flourishes, or closed his eyes and went into a dream of solos. I will never understand the complex Swiss watch that jazz is. Does not mean I don’t like how the watch looks. Pere Bujosa is an energetic exclamation in Catalan jazz. His fiasco with instruments reminded me of the jazz I love, and Arise is a four track farrago that revives 3 piece acoustic jazz bands.

Arise is the prelude intro track that breaks into this story book. With a funky riff that lights the fuse, you hear with intent as each member layers in what can be explained as a wedding cake, for the complexity and appearance. The joy is that there is no wedding, this is how they roll. Up-tempo flourishes and piano leads segue from one part to the other, each instrumentalist on their toes. If the beast was sleeping, he has smelt flesh in this track. The bass shines through, whether you choose to look towards the dense canopy or not.

In control-of time and sound

Musing is the second track, probably Pere’s most streamed and popular. Must be because of the synchronized engine that the bass is, followed by the drums that play ghost, odd time and things I can’t name because I couldn’t keep up. The piano takes the lead smoother than a lead during a waltz, and enjoys the roulette on the pedestal. The arrhythmic salsa that goes on within the instrument-dance is beyond words. The salsa between the instruments allows each of them to shine on the spotlight.

The third track is Dysfunctional Automaton, the only 4/4 intro I can comment on for the few seconds it remains so. The simplicity is heard in the syncopation as well, with the track folding into a complex origami slowly, hence its name. The core rhythm remains, and all play is choregraphed around it. Makes it an exciting follow, and takes you places beyond predicted. My favorite track on this album, and hats off to this composition. Has all the mystery and excitement you need from a jazz track.

Closing with a connect

Syncretism is the closing track, so there had to be a ridiculously catchy element. Objective achieved. The bassline sticks, while the bullseye is hit without a miss by the other players. I would imagine this as a super synchronised casino working like a machine, every moment calculated. Penchant for drama, a quivering interlude and breaking into a new part, this relatively shorter track knows what it set out to achieve.

Pere Bujosa and friends make a very exciting set to listen to on headphones. I would imagine the colossal enigmatic zeal it would have being played live. It has traditional touches and sounds, and I would hope appeals to a purist as well. From a mere listener and lover of music, it has been an amusement park tour I didn’t expect. I wish Pere Bujosa’s trio the best as they aim to entertain and more, with the spirit of jazz.

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