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Imlazarus – Same Old Song
Imlazarus – Same Old Song

Imlazarus – Same Old Song | Upbeat Show

With Same Old Song, artist and musician Imlazarus attempts to craft a new genre titled Ragtime-Punk-Rock with joy. Lazarus is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in bands with appearances on MTV, Lifetime, and Showtime. He has been nominated twice for Independent Music Awards in 2016 for “Album of the Year” and “Single of the Year. He has experience working independently as a composer of commercial parody music.

The song is a cheerful, upbeat tune that features a popular West African style folk feel and a catchy melody. Same Old Song has a lighthearted, upbeat melody and a memorable refrain. The arrangement features a strong emphasis on rhythm and groove, with a tight drum and bass line driving the song forward. The melody is simple and catchy, carried primarily by the vocal lines and acoustic guitar. Imlazarus steals the show!

Harmonically, this is a relatively straightforward song, with a simple elegant chord progression. The simplicity of the chord progression contributes to the song’s catchiness and makes it easy for listeners to sing along. Despite its simplicity, the arrangement and production of the song make it sound sophisticated, with a full and lush sound. The upbeat, danceable rhythm and the positive, optimistic lyrics give a feel-good and sing-along vibe. The song manages to sculpt a rich, layered sound.

In conclusion, Same Old Song shows the ability of Imlazarus to create memorable and enduring pop music that transcends genre boundaries. With its upbeat melody, catchy refrain, and innovative arrangements and production, the song is a testament to the enduring appeal of elegant joyful simplicity.

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