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Frank Joshua - Sense Life
Frank Joshua - Sense Life

Frank Joshua – Sense Life | Versatile Electronic Melancholia

The enigmatic Frank Joshua is a London-based singer-songwriter who likes to let his music speak for itself. He hides his face behind masks partly for the aforementioned reason and also to make a statement. The statement is about the effects of identity and social media in our current age. His latest album release, Sense Life features 10 tracks with a total run time of 38 minutes and 19 seconds.

The album is just a catalyst for more music from the enigma. His vibrant music breathes life into everything. The album starts off on a mellow, smooth track in Rain. The arpeggiated guitar and waltz-like beat keep things seductive and a little heavy. Frank Joshua has a voice that could sing you to sleep with his comfort. Rain sounds very similar to a Poets Of The Fall track with the guitars adding these textures to the heavy bass and drums. The vocal textures are strong, smooth and versatile.

Moving into Sense Life, the titular track, we have a more dance-pop kind of track. It reminds me of King Gizzard with the funky tones and the almost psychedelic synths. The guitars and drums are extremely playful, but the vocals really get me going. The synths are extremely playful and the little hits and stabs add some brilliant textures.

We see similar things in Five Minutes. The track has almost alien-like tones that contrast the lyrics in the most ethereal manner. Once the beat kicks in, it feels like the kind of track that would play in the club and get people on the dancefloor. Five Minutes has the potential to become a club classic with Frank Joshua showing extreme versatility in his ability to create music. Continuing the dance vibe is Free. This track is perfect for relaxing, gaming, or even just vibing. It has that deep-house, progressive vibe that can also get you banging your head along to it.

Tracks like If I and Cry Blue have this melancholic, dark effect on you. Moreover, the clean instruments with various changes in chords, dynamics and the likes are intriguing. I particularly like the chordal patterns in Cry Blue. Additionally, the track itself has these little breakdowns that give the track some interesting contrasts. Similarly, in If I, you have these well-panned instruments that add little intricacies that make the song a lot more complex. The vocal work is a lot simpler, but kind of trades roles with the music from Cry Blue. It has a rather intriguing melody line but also keeps it clean.

You find similar bits in tracks like Panic In The Kitchen. The lonely piano and vocals are so melancholic, so sweet, so sublime. Frank Joshua exhibits brilliant musical direction when he adds the heavenly strings in the chorus. The simple, subtle additions really make a track stand out. Even in Hope, Truth & Iodine, we have a track that speaks from the heart. A track that can tug on your emotions and acts as a great transition towards the end of the album.

The final two tracks, The Greed and The Hunger and Loneliest Place In The World could not be more different from each other. They perfectly encompass the range that Frank Joshua displays. The Greed and The Hunger is yet another headbanger with that club feel. Whereas, Loneliest Place In The World is an electronic, yet sombre, melancholic track. This album has been quite the journey and I could not recommend it more to anyone looking for new music.

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