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The Breakdown’s The Rigged Machine
The Breakdown’s The Rigged Machine
The Breakdown - The Rigged Machine

London-based Rock Band The Breakdown’s Latest Single, The Rigged Machine Is a Classic Example of Modern-Day Rock Music

The evolution of rock music over the decades has been fascinating, and listeners are getting to experience the artistry of numerous bands and some fresh, new rock music with every passing day. So similarly, if you are one of those keen music explorers who wish to try out some modern-day rock music, the latest single by The Breakdown, The Rigged Machine, is a song that will instantly impress you.

The city of London, United Kingdom, is where the band is from, and it comprises members Mike Connell on vocal duties, Andy Strevens and Richard Gale on guitars, drummer Toby Young, and Michael Mcguiness on bass. Together, this five-piece band of prolific musicians creates some of the most appealing rock music you will ever listen to.

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Let us check out what this amazing song has to offer its listeners!

The Rigged Machine, The Breakdown’s latest single is an out-and-out modern rock track that has the intricate traditional elements of the genre with the perfect blend of modern-day musical elements that have been born out of the genre’s evolution through several decades. Moreover, the entire composition is so appealing that you will tend to listen to it on a loop because of the catchy musical parts of the song. Besides it’s composition as a whole, every instrument deserves special mention starting from the bass to the drums as well as the impressive artistic playing of both the guitar players. However, if you are seeking what more this song has to offer you, then it is undoubtedly the hard-hitting, yet soulful vocals that touches you right from the start.

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So, it is a genuine recommendation to check out this amazing track by The Brakdown. You can listen to The Rigged Machine here:

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