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Jay Wood-oh well
Jay Wood-oh well
Jay Wood-oh well

Jay Wood crafts an indie delight with her debut single, “oh well”

Jay Wood has an inspiring story like no other indie musician. Surviving a car accident, she pushed through her circumstances and her love of music guided her out. The Australian singer-songwriter has now written lucid poetic songs, while also harnessing the joyous nature of the guitar. Her music carries the wave of positivity you’d expect seeing her smiling face. This is her debut single, oh well.

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Jay Wood revisits life as a poet

The lightness of the ukulele strings, the unique groove, is enough to tie you into the song. It is a powerful song, her expressions are detailed and describe visuals as the skilled wordsmith she is. As the drums pound, you inevitably lock into this dancing, moving rhythm that would plaster a smile across your face as well. If there’s love in the salty air of the ocean while you stare at the horizon-she captures it in these few minutes. The breaks, pauses and careful choice of words make this a song worth feeling and experiencing. 

I found it difficult to remove it from the loop it was on. Her smart use of harmonics and chortling delight that two chord change brings is brilliant. It is songwriting skill and her ever glowing penchant for life that has given birth to a track like this.

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You can find out more about her on www.jaywoodmusic.com. The talented songstress is just starting of her journey-and her perspective is as fresh and unique as anyone’s we’ve heard in a long time. Follow her for more and be sure to listen to her song here:

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