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Iamstray's Limit
Iamstray's Limit
Iamstray - Limit

Norwegian Indie Music Artist, Iamstray’s Limit, Is a Song for the Ones Who Love to Groove

If you are fond of music that boasts a loopy vibe throughout, the latest single by Iamstray, Limit, is the song that will prove to be the best choice that you can make. Hailing from Norway, Iamstray is an indie music artist who is absolutely excellent in what he does, and Limit, his latest single is the perfect track for one to experience his prolific artistry as a listener.

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Let us see what this song has to offer its listeners!

Iamstray’s Limit is a song that sets you in the groove right from the start, with the synth loop that marks the beginning of the track. The drums join in with the swing beats right after the vocals, adding that spice to the groove that makes the listener make some moves. The chorus has a distinct overdriven crunch tone which comes through the guitars, giving this song the dirt that makes it even more sonically intriguing and attractive. However, besides the bouncy groove, tasty synth lines and triggers, and wild guitar sounds, the vocals deserve a special mention. The superb voice and the laid-back delivery of the lyrics complement the overall composition very well. So, connecting with this song right from the first listen should not surprise you because you will undoubtedly end up humming it instantly after hearing it.

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Now that you know about Iamstray’s latest single, Limit, go and check it out immediately, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy it to the fullest. You can listen to this track here:

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