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Collin Stanley-Gone Through Hell
Collin Stanley-Gone Through Hell
Collin Stanley-Gone Through Hell

Collin Stanley-Gone Through Hell | Rockamania

Rock fans reading these articles, I apologize. We don’t get nearly enough old school rock jams that employ the raw fuel that is live instruments and lyrics that stick to the back of your head. Collin Stanley is changing that. How you ask? Listen to Gone Through Hell and tell me you aren’t going to put it on loop.

Like the classic ring out riffs of Black Stone Cherry & a little bit of Tom Morello funk thrown in, Collin Stanley is trying to make a difference to the difference made. We all have, matter of fact gone through our own hells. Sure, ours is a more privileged understatement compared to the suffering of those who are ill, but nevertheless. You get the point. Collin does too, clearly.

A rock jam that employs a catchy riff and soaring vocals recurring for a good old callback is what I call a good time. It’s the AC/DC, the Airbourne and Scorpions kind of vibe, where you really don’t need anything more. The well balanced production make sure the guitar stands out, the drums reverberate and the vocals stand out because of the quality. Collin Stanley has had some great tracks out since he began. He covered Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, with a nice individual touch, and another riff based rock track (an original) with Can’t Go Home. He’s hit the trifecta of one cover and two singles. never losing grip on the wheel.

Listen to his single Gone Through Hell here:

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