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Meeking-Taking Hits
Meeking-Taking Hits
Meeking-Taking Hits

Meeking-Taking Hits | Swell

Now, I might not understand every band’s name and/or what it means. But when I see a name like Meeking, I demand to know what they sound like. With their latest single Taking Hits though, they seem to like making hits, with subliminal ease.

It might be derivative of the minimalistic mania of Radiohead from In Rainbows, but it creates its own space that floats above the rest. Like a rain cloud, Meeking carry a simple riff till they can rain down with the energy of a thunderstorm. Making a song that can easily become a crowd favorite at their next show, Taking Hits alludes to the simplicity of pop-rock and how people connect.

The chorus is a fun section that really sticks to your head and demands to be sung about 100 times a day. After the 1:48 mark, Meeking decide to use the ramp they built for the song, to go into an all-out jam phase. Back to the chorus so soon? It’s that good, so they really can. It doesn’t get boring, and Jake Meeking’s voice is enough to let the song surf on it alone. I would have preferred a tempo change towards the end only because it was suggested within the song, but this ending works for me as well.

To listen to more Meeking, listen to their 2017 EP I Am Because We Are. After that, keep coming back to this feel-good song, Taking Hits:

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