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Always in Danger
Always in Danger
Always in Danger

“Always in Danger” Debut Album – Heavy Dark Energetic Electro Industrial Masterpiece

Always in Danger, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jake Ingram from Birmingham, Alabama, has made a striking entrance onto the indie synth-rock scene with their eponymous debut album “Always in Danger“. Blending elements of shoegaze, techno, ambient, and pop with shades of metalcore and noise, this album is a dark and energetic industrial masterpiece that is sure to captivate listeners from start to finish.

The album kicks off with “Ozymandias”, a powerful track with a sludgy fuzzy electric guitar intro that sets the tone for what’s to come. The industrial metal vibes are prominent, accompanied by energy-driven drums and revered vocals that give the song a distinct and mesmerizing quality. “False Positive” follows suit with heavy industrial metal tones and great dynamics in its arrangement. The catchy headbanging riffs are sure to get stuck in your head, and the morose mood of the track adds to its depth and intensity.

“Glow” serves as a transitional track, clocking in at just 2 minutes, but it paints a vivid picture of nocturnal solitude with its atmospheric soundscape. It sets the stage for “Critical Mass”, a track that starts with a mesmerizing synth riff and progresses into a blend of electronic beats, piano lines, and guitars that come together to create a compelling and immersive experience. “Flytrap” is a standout track with its haunting and creepy heavy vibes. The use of industrial samples and an Arabian vibe in the riffs give it a unique and captivating sound. The electronic percussion and reverb effects are used to great effect, adding to the overall eerie atmosphere of the song.

“Stairs in the Woods” is another creepy industrial rock track that showcases the range of sounds and textures that Always in Danger incorporates into their music. The dark application of reverb and heavy guitar riffs create a sense of unease, yet the overall arrangement is meticulously crafted and intriguing. The album concludes with “Somewhere, in Silence”, a perfect swan song that features serene synths pushing the energy of the album to its peak. The blend of acoustic and electronic drums, along with the complex rhythmic arrangements, make this track a standout and a fitting conclusion to an album that is filled with dark and contemplative energy.

One of the remarkable aspects of “Always in Danger” is the unique soundscape created by Jake Ingram, which includes among other elements an ambient noise box made from an old cigar box, running through a Vox VT40 and an old Dan-Echo pedal. This adds a distinct and experimental layer to the album, elevating it to a level of artistic excellence.

In summary, “Always in Danger” is a standout debut album that showcases the talent and creativity of Jake Ingram and his project. The dark mood, heavy electronic and rock vibes, and intricate arrangements make this album a true masterpiece in the industrial genre. Fans of dark, heavy, and experimental music will undoubtedly be drawn to the dark and somber energy of “Always in Danger”, and it is a must-listen for anyone looking for fresh and innovative music.

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