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Micah Thunder – Nobody | Wild Journey Rock

Following the successful release of ten Indie Folk/Rock tracks since 2020, singer-songwriter Micah Thunder is now out with his first single of the year – ‘Nobody’. He’s best known for his heartfelt compositions that showcase his versatile singing style over hard-hitting rock rhythms. His latest release is a classic rock-inspired, psychedelia-infused song with a badass vibe. Featuring the New Mexico-based artist’s soaring vocals, ‘Nobody’ plays as a solid headbanger for almost four minutes; definitely one for your playlists!

The track begins with a jazzy, show tune-reminiscent melody and a melodic bass that drives its initial groove. In a melancholic atmosphere, Micah Thunder sings an emotive tune over bright drums and some guitars

–“What will the people say?/When all my love is gone/I lost my shield of faith/All my hope is gone”.

He’s known for his raw and honest writing style, which he pairs with his powerful delivery to create tracks that are relatable and engaging. His new release is no exception. As the track progresses, Micah’s repetitive and highly addictive melodies might just have you singing along!

The singer-songwriter has previously recorded songs that focus on self-discovery in his signature genre, “Wild Journey Music”, as he calls it; aptly done so, I must say. He sings in a rebellious tone on this track, about how nobody understands him, or nobody else for that matter. This expressive, slightly grungy composition, stands out from the songs playing nowadays because Micah really knows how to harness the familiar energy of rock in his music!

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