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“Meant to be Together” by TJ Doyle: A heartfelt, honest story of love

Hailing from the United States, TJ Doyle, as self-described, is an artist with a love of the Earth– with work that has previously made it into the top charts. TJ’s next hurrah is “Meant to be Together”, an upbeat love ballad styled like much of the music of the 1980s. Keep reading my thoughts on “Meant to be Together”!

The overall presentation of the song assumes a soft rock/pop sound, with the overall vibe being that of a melody-rich, uptempo ensemble of instruments. The guitars are something that, time and again, drew my attention, with both their composition as well as their presence in the mix, which seems to be quite prominent; enjoyable, if you asked me.

The vocals are, as well, done nicely– with great energy in the voices, that leave the listener singing along softly after a listen or two. The elements all come together quite well, all thanks to a great mix and master that make sure that there is no detail (or love) lost, and that makes for a joyful listen.

The highlight of the song, of course, are the mini-solos that make themselves known in the nooks and crannies of the song, adding a whole other layer of flair to the song, and taking this already-enjoyable song and turning up the notches a few.

Check out “Meant to be Together” by TJ Doyle here!

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