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Betty Moon - My Only One
Betty Moon - My Only One

“Betty Moon” Amazes with New Dark Rock Single, “My Only One”

Betty Moon is a singer-songwriter and multi-genre artist. She bends towards the dark side, wading through mystique and mystery to present the uncommon perspective, the untold story, and the unsung hero. Her work spreads across genres to find the emotion, ranging from rock, punk, soul, to pop and electronica. The artist has been active for over three decades with her discography going back to 1991! “My Only One” by Betty Moon was released in 2021. Its dark melodrama and despondent atmosphere reveals the complexity of love. Listeners of Amy Winehouse, Fiona Apple and Adele are sure to enjoy the deep emotional layers that this artist unearths with her music! 

The track is styled as a post-punk edgy 70s rock song. With gleaming lines of electric guitar, ominous vocals, and dark enclaves of harmonies. The ringing bass anchors the gloomy sentience of the protagonist and builds it. Betty’s vocals are bare and expressive to the highest degree. And she uses it as a tool to control the energy and emotion of the soundscape. Mixing sultry sensuality with toxic lustful obsession with the woe of unrequited love. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to My Only One by Betty Moon here – 

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