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Arson Whales-Scene Four
Arson Whales-Scene Four
Arson Whales-Scene Four

Arson Whales-Scene Four | Pilot

Don’t worry, I asked about how the band got its name. Orson Welles was the name to game with, and the result is Arson Whales, a cosmic interaction of members in a group. The USP? Formed during a pandemic, not the best time to get a start to things. That also means you’ll not see them breaking up any time soon. A true passion project-Scene Four is a result of that effort.

 It kind of just happened by “accident” in the Spring of 2020. When the other project we were involved with, along with everything else in the world, abruptly ceased due to the pandemic, we just started sending out tracks to each other.

Then another added to that, so forth and so on until before we knew it, we had a created a whole bunch of music unlike anything we’ve done before. It took us out of the chaos and isolation into a cosmically shared experience. The name just naturally followed and fit perfectly. 

Starting with a suppressed song going on, forming the tension of transition, we are underway. Arson Whales put together a performance that would preface an act, hence the name. Precisely that which is demanded is put across, with the climbing bassline in a perfect low. With a minimal soundscape used with the instruments, it is easier to hear Linda Brancato’s vocals.

This collaboration truly is cosmic. Meaning it just gets downloaded from whatever frequencies happen to be floating around us on any given day, you know wherever that shit comes from. As far as styles of music, we don’t limit ourselves, just try to be open to what the sound wants to be. We just plug in and let it come on through. 

Which is super exciting, because we’re as surprised as anyone else! Maybe we are like shape shifters and expect the unexpected.

Using the silence to give answers to the music? That’s what is truly surprising, with the mix of the song extending from the personalities of the bandmates. The sound was quite a slope compared to their previous single New Isolation, so I asked the group about it.

Well, were sitting on a quite a lot of music. So we really just decided to start sending out these two first because they came through early on. And just like giving birth some babies scream louder than others. Also, we wanted to honor them and keep the energy flowing.

Kudos to the drummer for breaking the monotony of the style of the riff. Though with the vocals, it’s a whole different game. The mind tends to isolate things it can predict so the beat alternates and occasional splashes really do help the song. If you check out their album art on Spotify, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

That would be Linda, she is amazing! She also wrote and directed our video for Scene Four.

That means the song has a sequence you can entertain yourself with, the possibility of more like this are very likely. They are hard at work trying to find their own sound as a band, so I asked to check in with their progress.

Right now, were thinking probably an EP and then an album. But we’ll see what the universe has in store?

Exactly the answer I would expect after the species has been what it has been through. Arson Whales is a band to look out for live, with this much packed energy and one outlet-source at least. As for touring plans-

Our invisible bus is all packed and ready when the world is ready. Fingers crossed; we have one definite live date in November. Hopefully more coming up soon.

Success is definitive in this case, as they’re going with the flow. Listen to their single Scene Four here:

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