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Eliot Allison – Hey | Warm Colours

Hey,’ a new song by multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer/songwriter, and producer, Eliot Allison was recently released. The music incorporates trance-like elements that will completely immerse one in the song’s sonic world. In terms of lyricism, the song expresses his longing to be in the passenger seat with his companion. It delicately writes down sentiments of being together and celebrating affinity for one another. The ideas are wonderful and will undoubtedly bring us energy and enthusiasm. However, I believe the experience would have been enhanced if the vocal had been placed higher in the mix. The current balance tends to obscure the meaning of words, making it difficult for listeners to fully comprehend them.

There are several musical components that may captivate music fans. The usage of arpeggios becomes the key feature that carries the song throughout its whole. The guitar also quickly joins the development, which is quite pleasing to the ears. There are also adequate gaps between the layers so that the listeners are not overloaded with sound. One aspect of the music that should attract listeners’ attention is the appealing tones of each instrument. Overall, the sounds are pleasant to the ear, making listening a relaxing experience. There are fresh concepts, in my opinion, that would undoubtedly have an influence on music aficionados, who would find the layers intriguing to go beyond possibilities.

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