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Kyle Chatham's Heirloom
Kyle Chatham's Heirloom
Kyle Chatham Heirloom

Heirloom, the Latest EP by Scottish Singer-Songwriter Kyle Chatham Is an Absolute Treat to Listeners

If you are keen to explore some fresh new soundscapes through some beautiful and soul-satisfying songs, the latest EP by Scottish singer-songwriter Kyle Chatham, Heirloom, is the album you must listen to. So, before we get to this album’s songs and music, let us get to know its creator a bit more. Born in Scotland, Kyle’s primary exposure to music dates back to when he was as young as five years old and that too, with a drum kit. Following a phase full of bands and jam sessions during his school years, he started playing the guitar when he was around eleven years old. Besides that, he also holds a prestigious degree in Sound Engineering, after the completion of which he started to produce his own music. Therefore, he is prolific in several technical aspects of music besides his vast caliber of composing, singing, and writing songs.

A short span of pure bliss is what Heirloom makes you feel!

Heirloom, Kyle Chatham’s latest EP, spans a short duration of seventeen minutes, and forty-one seconds, comprising four songs. But even though the duration is short, the experience is so beautiful that the listener will cherish it for a really long time. Each of the four tracks of this EP is different musically and lyrically, yet they hold a similar vibe together, giving the EP a fresh vibe with ambient soundscapes as the foundation.

Let us get to the songs of this EP!

The EP’s title track, Heirloom, is a slow-paced song that boasts a calm, soul-pleasing ambient background and exceptional lyrical depth. It is a song that will make you drown in your thoughts and fall asleep to them with a peaceful acceptance of reality. The following song, One of a Kind, is a little up-tempo comprising a groovy beat that makes you do those little moves as you feel the beats growing. Look out for this song’s beautiful chorus with some nice synth lines backing it up.

The next song, You’re My Only Friend, is again a mellow track with a little swing, so you can enjoy a nice and fine groove throughout the song. The chorus is soothing to the ears, making you want to sing along with it. The final song of the EP, Self Portrait, is the song that will probably attract the listeners the most because of its sheer beauty of lyricism and musicality. The guitar and synth create a magical sonic background for the song, making it sound so soulful and heartwarming.

Overall, the latest EP by Kyle Chatham, Heirloom, gives you a blissful listening experience, so you can check it out here:

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