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Clay Joule’s Keep On
Clay Joule’s Keep On
Clay Joule - Keep On

Clay Joule’s Keep On Is a Song With an Excellent Blend of Smooth Jazz and Funk Music

Get ready to experience masterful musical artistry as you tune in to the latest single by Clay Joule, Keep On! If you are fond of relishing the sort of music that relaxes the mind, body, and soul, this track is something that you should listen to. Other than the fact that it is a beautiful song, from a musically technical point of view, this song falls under the section of smooth jazz and funk, and it is a splendid example of the blend of these two genres.

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Keep On, Clay Joule’s latest single begins in a way that you will instantly feel like you are present in some jazz club, sipping on your drink and enjoying intimate music. The song starts with comforting, soothing, and soul-pleasing trumpet and piano lines. Moreover, it is kind of like the piano sets the beautiful background, thereby letting the trumpet shine in the sonic spectrum of the track, and it is with immediate effect that you feel drawn into the music.

Moving forward, after that beautiful start, the drummer and the bass player set in, gradually building up the song, and starting off with the funky groove. Besides the music, as you move your body to the groove, the voice of Clay will mesmerize you with its amazing texture and the way it stands tall over the whole composition.

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So make sure that you check out Clay Joule’s latest single, Keep On, and listen to this beautiful song here:

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