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John Leslie Hulcombe - Born of the Fire
John Leslie Hulcombe - Born of the Fire

John Leslie Hulcombe – Born of the Fire | Make You Free

John Leslie Hulcombe‘s newest single, “Born of the Fire,” reintroduces old soul with a unique mix. Andrea Kirwin and Jackie James Barnes also feature in the song. The melody makes you feel open and liberated. It is designed to lift you up and cheer you up during a challenging workday. The ability of Australia based songwriter John Leslie Hulcombe to span genres and merge folk, rock, and pop sounds is prominent enough for us all to be overwhelmed when listening to the song. The song begins with a great guitar melody line that is complemented well by the drums and bass, resulting in a highly tight performance.

The song does have a very strong catchy hook, and the words are totally imprinted on the listener’s lips. The voice texture is exactly what the song calls for. The cross part that seamlessly transitions to the chorus is my favourite section. In the arrangement, the glittering bright strumming guitar texture sounds so exciting. The guitar counterpoints make excellent use of the space, gradually leading us to a solo that is just played at the proper moment. The song is exceptionally well-written. The framework has a lot of thinking poured into it, which makes the experience so organic.

“Born of the Fire” is a song that should appeal to listeners of all genres. The song’s vibe is empowering, and it will undoubtedly become friendly with listeners and live with them for a lot longer.

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