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MOLOSSER - Ellesmere Island
MOLOSSER - Ellesmere Island

MOLOSSER – Ellesmere Island

Patience. Serenity. Control. When you think of “MOLOSSER – Ellesmere Island”, those are the words that come to mind. A unique tuning on their guitars brings a level of intrigue to the table as they dally around in figure-eights with their storytelling; a mellow, seductive dance with the vocalist playing second fiddle to the drama that unfolds.

Of Sweden, MOLOSSER definitely carry their Scandinavian heritage into their sound with their penchant for minimalist-yet-brilliant melodic arrangement; turning, instead, to rhythm and harmony– more so than straightforward melody. To tell a story is an art, but to tell a story about how many ways there are to tell the same story is another altogether, and here, it’s been done beautifully; complementary harmony, tasteful accompaniment, sensible percussive choices, and an overall soothing, polished sound. “MOLOSSER – Ellesmere Island” has it all.

The song starts off with an extended guitar riff that explores the intricacies within itself to exhaustive detail; there is variation in every iteration, there is style in the playing, and there is polish in the product. The guitars sound full, and set the stage for the vocals and percussion to share in the limelight; once they do, there is just cohesion and nothing less.

For a patient soft rock ballad, “MOLOSSER – Ellesmere Island” sure made me feel things. Check it out here!

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