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Viscula-Seagulls | In a liminal space

London band Viscula are back with another visceral performance. Formed in Ukraine and now making music in the UK, they are constantly creating. From their latest album IV, is this track called Seagulls. This group plays the most exciting fusion, with each talented member adding something special and essential to the mix. It is a character build worth following.

Eerie synth parts are the main magnet for this track. They marinate and pull, guide and misdirect. The drums find their own roots with odd-time balances that keep the core of the song fresh. This is a playground for these musicians to test out what their natural sound and state of play is. As the guitar plays its lead melody, the ambience tries to cloud the sound, but the guitar reigns king. As they build to more exciting and divisive music parts, they make sure the bass melody keeps their track united and still holds the charm.

Viscula aren’t new to this experimentation phase. Their whole act is rooted in the elemental nature of the possibility of instruments. As each of them find interesting melodies in their own instruments, they make sure everything gels. From their 2019 hit Just Go to their catchy single Rhumba, Viscula are the scientists of the free jazz experiment. We’re ready to hear what they have.

They’ve also made a really cool, visceral video for this song, the link for which is embedded below. From overlapping scenes to the instruments in static-thete are layers here beyond us. Take a look at the video also below:

Listen to their track here:

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