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Ben Alexander – Run Away | Trippy

The Norwegian music production and composition artist, Ben Alexander has established a reputation for himself over the years as someone who breaks down boundaries of his genre, crossing electropop into an experimental realm. As an artist with a multicultural root, he’s heavily influenced by diverse rhythms from all around this world. He reflects these prolific beats in his songs. When you hear the music of Ben Alexander, it’s your mind that first gets hooked. Ben understands how to create mental images through his songs and his beats are made so that they give rise not just to thoughts but rather to complete stories. His style, whether you like is definitely experimental.

‘Run Away’ is a track that mixes the electronic elements and does so perfectly, making it ideal for dance music lovers and for people who enjoy throwing on their headphones at any time of the day or night. The tune has an energetic vibe to it and there’s no denying that once put together, these elements still hold very true to conventional standards whilst still giving listeners tunes that reflect all kinds of natural sounds. The single ‘Run Away’ demonstrates a distinctive mood very well, bringing a multitude of emotions and character with strong vibrant elements and infectious rhythms. The track has every element one could possibly want: catchy sounds, hypnotic vibrations, and beautiful musical notes that create well-defined identities throughout the song.

We had the opportunity to interview Ben Alexander. Read on to know more.

1.      Hey Ben! Congratulations on your new single ‘Run Away.’ The song
has a very unique vibe to it. What inspired you to create the song’s

A: I wanted to make a more retro, synthwave type of track since I really adore that sound. The analog bases they used back in the 80s really made its presence in the mix and I, therefore, wanted to create something of the sort while putting my own essence into it. There wasn’t really anything isolated that inspired me to make the track. I simply envisioned how I wanted this track to sound and made it so. I am very happy about the result and I hope my listeners are as well! 

2.      Run away is a fusion of diverse genres. What factors did you
consider when deciding on the genre mix?

A: Yes, it certainly is. This is something that often occurs when I make music. I listen to many different genres that tend to materialize once I start making a new song – becoming some sort of blend of genres, if that makes sense. Whenever that happens, I try to focus more on the main genre I want to convey and, therefore, I start changing certain things in the song in order to manifest that. Usually it’s everything from electropop, cinematic music, synthwave, house and on some occasions; hip hop. So it’s easy to get lost at times, hehe. 

3.      I discovered you have a multi-cultural background. How has this
experience impacted your musical journey?

A:  A lot. When I was growing up, I was introduced to many different cultures that influenced the way I am and the music I both like and make. My mother was born and raised in Congo and, therefore, gave me an upbringing that wasn’t the typical “Scandinavian childhood” if that says anything. Even though I grew up in Norway, I was constantly surrounded by immigrants from various places. They gave me an early understanding of how big the world really is and the rich cultures that are outside of Western borders. Because of that, I was introduced to a lot of experimental music, Arabic music, African music, Mediterranean music and more. A lot of those genres don’t necessarily comply with the Western commercial “rule book” when it comes to music production. Therefore, it definitely defined the experimental side of me. 

4.      What is your dream collaboration? Whom would it be with?

A: There are so many great artists and musicians I would love to work with but if I had to choose 3 right now: Royksopp, Hans Zimmer or Kanye West. A quite diverse selection but each one of them represents a segment within music innovation that I absolutely adore. Royksopp has been a primary source of inspiration within electronic music for as long as I can remember. Hans Zimmer manifests cinematic perfection within music and Kanye West is simply a musical daredevil that manages to re-define so much of what is expected within Hip Hop. I like that mindset.

5.      What projects might we expect from you in the future?

A: A lot of interesting and cool projects are coming up this year and I am quite happy about all of them. I don’t want to say too much about it right now but they are worth the wait! Looking forward to showing it to you all so make sure to follow me on my socials to stay updated 🙂 

Enjoy listening to ‘Run Away’ here.

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