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Jaayns – Real Things | Unwind

“Real Things” is the latest single released by Leeds-based singer-songwriter, Jaayns. Her sound can best be described as alternative-electronic-pop, which she creates by blending soft and engaging electronics with melodic pop elements. Through her career of collaborating with many artists and producers, Jaayns has explored multiple genres of music, which has contributed to her unique style. 

About “Real Things” and Jaayns Interview

“Real Things” kicks off with Jaayns soothing vocals right from the start along with a few mellow electronic sounds and a bit of percussion. Her conversational style here makes the song incredibly easy and pleasing listen.

You’ve sung with a very conversational tone on “Real Things” which makes the track all the more intimate and easy to understand. Is there anybody in particular who influenced your style of singing? 

I guess lot of my lyrics are conversational either to someone or something I’m saying to myself, I’ve always liked writing that way as my music often links back to situations I’ve been in or things I’m trying to understand or work out or the character in the song is trying to work out.

My influence with lyrics often comes from songwriters that told stories or very poetic, I love the lyrics of people like Amy Winehouse, Leonard Cohen, James Taylor and artists like Dan Mangan. Music influences are more electronic, dance, indie or pop but at the heart of the song I like conversational lyrics and characters going through things or working things out. 

Jaayns surely enjoys playing around with electronics, as is heard from the liveliness of the synths on “Real Things”. The mix of addictive arp progressions, simple keyboard leads and well-thought out automation make the track very engrossing and interesting.

With the use of a few electronics on this track, it seems like you enjoy playing with synthesizers quite a bit! Which is your go-to instrument when it comes to recording a track like this, and do you use any analog gear to create your lush tones?

Love them, the sounds are so full and can bring so much richness to a track.  I’ve always loved analog synths  & often use the Moog Synth and Prophet synthesizers in my songs.  They’re layered through the tracks from a sub bass through to finding hook melodies that complement the main melodies in the top line.  I worked on this track with my co-producer Ben Matravers and he has both a Moog and Prophet in the studio.. one day I’ll be able to buy my own.

Her lyrics on this track are about her search for things that are ‘real’ and seem to be directed at certain someone. They evoke a feeling that can be best described as optimistic uncertainty and her voice does that feeling justice.

You’ve had some experience as a songwriter for quite a few years now. Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers about what you’ve learned along your journey?

You never stop learning there’s always more to learn about writing and creating songs, you have to love it and if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all just know that’s normal, everyone feels the same.  Do it because you love it, be open to keep on learning, creating and learning off other writers and producers to. What you write today will be different to what you’ll be writing in two years but that’s ok it’s about representing you at this moment. 

It’s really important to not over judge your work to the point that you don’t put your music out and it never be heard.. experiment, put music out, you’ll learn from the experience of your music having an audience and you can always take a song down again.  Meet and work with other writers and producers, know what you love in music and bring that to the table, don’t hold back or be something that you’re not or create music that doesn’t feel right to you.  

Oh and find your music tribe, they’ll inspire you and keep you going if you’re going through a tough time. 

Jaayns experience with multiple artists has helped her hone her craft and better multiple aspects of her art over the years and led to her getting signed by an independent label in the UK. Here’s what she had to say about her journey to releasing her own music!

After collaborating with multiple artists and producers in your career, what made you take the step to release your original music in 2017?

I had all these songs in my phone that were not going anywhere.  I’d been discouraged in singing lead on songs as my voice is different and I’d always let other, more stronger vocalists, sing lead when collaborating. I guess I just assumed it wasn’t an option to release my own music.  I’d been introduced to my producer Ben in Leeds with the plan to record the songs to pitch to other artists and had intended to bring in session vocalists.  But he encouraged me to sing my own music and something just clicked inside, although I must admit I was properly scared at this thought  but just figured why not, life always starts on the other side of fear.

I’d been through a really tough time with my health and I think I just got to that point where I didn’t care what other people thought anymore and just thought why not. It was the best thing I ever did TBH as it let me understand my artistry and what I loved about creating music.  it’s really really freeing as a creative to be in full control and do things without compromise of what others might say or want. It resulted in my first EP, which I really love.. although I created these songs almost without thinking of what I’d do with them and then had no idea what to do next to get them out to into the world.   I had no artist name, or brand or social media.. no idea about distribution or promo, I had to build from that point & that’s been the journey I’ve been on ever since. 

Also, I still love collaborating with and for others but I will keep creating songs for me to now.

What is it like working with No Such Things Records and what could you share with musicians who would like to be signed by a label early on in their career?

They’re really good and supportive.  They’re a new independent artist led – label in the North of England.  I’m one of the first artists to sign with the label and all the artists are really different and creating really interesting music so it’s brilliant to be on the label with them.  They really encourage collaboration across different art media, the cover artwork for Real Things has been made by contemporary artist Ella Fradgley that creates these amazing line paintings. Her work is so beautiful I’d definitely go find her on Instagram to see more of her work. 

I’ve been given a lot of freedom with the label I can create the music I want to create and for me that was really important.  I’m releasing my next few singles with them and will see what 2022 brings as they have some really interesting things happening in the pipeline.  I remain an independent artist for my first two EPs and other collaborations. 

Id say the best advice is always get a good lawyer to look over your contract and make sure the offer from any label is right for you. Being independent is great as you have full control, but like any partnership understand what is the other party helping you to achieve with your music and Will it help you get to where you want.  If it’s not the right thing for you then that’s fine you don’t have to take an offer from a label just because it’s a label, make sure it’s the right thing to do for you and your career.

Jaayns was kind enough to talk about her journey that led to making her single “Real Things”

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