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AJ La Joya – Fantasy Freak | Exceptional Art

The musical feast of AJ La Joya is a savoury mix of sounds that can be fun to listen to. AJ La Joya is, the Californian rapper, singer, songwriter and producer shows listeners just how much he’s listening when creating tunes and lyrics for his fans. Armed with a deep ear for music, it comes naturally to AJ that he would spend hours as a kid browsing through his parents’ selection of music while browsing through the sonic goodness they had acquired over the years. You see, soft jazz and 90s hip-hop were among some of AJ’s favorite genres back then on account of how much he loved how laid-back the former could be while the latter was great at getting him moving. In 2020, AJ began to take music seriously and started submitting remixes and original songs on Soundcloud, such as “Rich Demeanor.” The journey has gone smoothly thus far.

His new release ‘Fantasy Freak’ is amazing. The bass is underscored by softer synths as a dreamy nature is established. Effects are used to bring out a more ethereal atmosphere which lends itself well to genre-bending in this case. As an added bonus the beat is slightly faster than one may expect, giving the composition a four on the floor type pulse with the capability of appealing to club crowds as well as fans of electronically generated beats.

This song shows off AJ’s versatility like never before along with smooth rapping in between. The synthesizers in this song kick out such a powerful vibration- and also have such a cool effect on the ears. In this work, he has developed his unique flavour, and we are delighted to experience it.

Enjoy listening to Fantasy Freak here.

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