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Jonathan Lobo - Magic | Refreshing
Jonathan Lobo - Magic | Refreshing

Jonathan Lobo – Magic | Refreshing

Jonathan Lobo is a Dubai based singer and songwriter who loves creating songs about “love, life, and other commonalities”. His songs celebrate these things and once you listen to them you realize the depth of all the goodness. 

His recent track Magic is a refreshing number that feels like one of its kind because of its many elements. The song can be defined as a pop-rock number with vivid contemporariness that makes it enjoyable for listeners of almost all age groups. What people with a keen ear would notice is that the song has a funky rhythm to it that lingers throughout its length. The song presents a nice, chilling vibe that makes you want to groove along. Magic is filled with moments of thrill and upbeatness that people with a love for groovy music would especially enjoy. The song’s lyrics are fun and uplifting which would make you want to forget everything else and surrender yourself to all the goodness. Even though the whole song is a complex mix of various musical elements that won’t be easily comprehensible on the first listen, the chorus forms the catchy and most attractive part of the song. 

Magic, overall, is a nice, refreshing track that is uplifting and invigorating in equal measure. You would feel like revisiting the number again and again to unfold all that it has to offer. With Lobo’s great vocals, crisp lyrics, soothing musicality, and outstanding production, everything come to the surface in the right way.

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