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Cuban Troubadour POVEDA Returns with New Single ‘Otra Noche Más’

POVEDA’sOtra Noche Más” is a sweet and romantic Cuban-Spanish track that will take you on a musical journey. This song is a heartfelt composition by Cuban singer-songwriter Roberto Poveda, and it’s one of the first he wrote at the beginning of his career in 1985. The track’s original message speaks to a dreamy sense of freedom that one can only experience in nature. It’s no wonder that the song was picked up and recorded by EGREM, the national record label of Cuba. Unfortunately, the original recording was mysteriously lost without a trace. Fast forward 35 years later, during the 2020 pandemic, and Roberto decided to bring the song back to life.

In collaboration with Layton Weedeman, owner of Yellow Couch Music and drummer of Courtesy Tier, the duo produced and co-wrote the song in Weedeman’s home studio. POVEDA, the musical project that reworks and retools Roberto’s catalog of songs, was born in 2018. This updated version of “Otra Noche Más” marks the beginning of a series of releases by POVEDA. The project features Roberto on lead vocals, Layton on drums and percussion, and a group of talented musicians, including Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Juan-Carlos Formell, Loisel Machin Rodriguez, German saxophonist and flutist Lars Haake, and Cuban singer and former member of Las Chicas Del Son, Danae Blanco Villanueva.

The track is a little over five minutes long and features smooth transitions, dynamic grooves, and laid-back percussion. Roberto’s expressive voice delivers an excellent performance, making the track a joy to listen to. The music video, directed by Roberto Poveda himself, is a visual treat. Based on Roberto’s photographs taken on a recent trip to Havana, the video’s structural idea and sound design were inspired by the voices of the city and a voicemail message left by Roberto’s mother, all of which were suggested by his dear friend and filmmaker, Emilio Alcalde.

Overall, “Otra Noche Más” is a beautiful song that showcases the talent and artistry of POVEDA. The track’s romantic feel-good vibes will have you tapping your feet and humming along to the catchy melody.

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