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Anthony Forrest – Deepest Love | Electro-Soul

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Anthony Forrest, released an electronic-soul track titled, “Deepest Love” on October 29th. Known for being the frontman of the ground-breaking reggae/dub group Kingfisha, Anthony has been making music and performing for over a decade and has only recently started his solo project. His debut single, “Deepest Love”, was made possible through a four-year collaboration with producer Pete Gardner of So Soap Studios. 

The bass-heavy track begins with Anthony’s smooth vocals over a simple yet groovy r&b-type beat. The blend of synths with the soothing, soulful nature of the track is quite interesting. It almost feels like it shouldn’t work, but it definitely does! The electronics add an additional color that makes “Deepest Love” more vibrant and alluring.

Anthony sings melancholic lyrics that don’t follow any particular theme, though he appears to be dealing with a certain challenge in his relationship – “Oh sure, you could call it a betrayal and it didn’t look pretty, oh baby, it was one night out in the city, I tried my luck, I’m owning up…”. Anthony seems to channel more frustration into each new verse; his words are accompanied by a wide, distorted synth that evokes an element of both sadness and anger.

I really liked how the bass and kick drum work together – they complement each other wonderfully and lead the groove through the whole track. A top-notch production and a very clean mix adds to the enjoyable listening experience! In addition, there aren’t too many elements that clutter the sonic space, keeping ample room for the vocals to shine through. On “Deepest Love”, it is evident that Anthony’s experience as a musician has helped him hone his craft better, resulting in great songwriting and a natural singing style that is sure to attract listeners!

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