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Eljuri – Reflexión
Eljuri – Reflexión

Eljuri – Reflexión | Eclectic Kaleidoscope Journey

Critically acclaimed guitarist, composer, and vocalist par excellence Eljuri has come up with a colourful record titled Reflexión. Reflexión is a kaleidoscope of musical palettes and aural joys that would entice any lover of diverse music. Hailing from Ecuador, with Spanish and Lebanese origins, Eljuri has carved a name for herself as a prolific musician and one of the best Latin guitar players. Based in New York, she mixes several genres bolero, reggae, Afro-Cuban, funk, and rock. Her latest treat, Reflexión, runs at about fifty minutes covering a wide variety of styles and arrangements.

The album begins with the song Espejo. This song has super funky guitars and some dazzling vocals by Eljuri. Espejo, which means mirror in Spanish, is a tight funk rock based song with impeccable groove and latin rock harmonies. The subtle vocal harmonies are a sweet addition. Synth bass lines adorn the track. We get a delicious guitar solo with the right dose of delays and reverbs.

The next song is Salva la Tierra, which means save the earth. A bassline with deep hypnotic qualities forms the backbone of the song. A great message embedded in a great song. Another sweet guitar solo greets us on this funk rock song. We get clap sounds and a deep percussive element in this song. There is also a section that would be great for a call and response and audience interaction.

La Voz, the Voice, is the third song on Reflexión. Eljuri shows her diversity in this song. From a funk rock mood, we go to a classic Latin music vibe. With trumpets and apt percussion, with percussive guitars, this is a song to dance and celebrate to. We get a fiery guitar solo reminding us somewhat of Santana but much better and with the blazing soul and feel of Eljuri. The voice of the conscience and the hand of compassion with unity is what we all need!

Home is the fourth song on the record. This is a rock song with an adult contemporary feel. The right dosage of modern Latin rock guitar makes this song a must listen. Something to play while you drive and reminisce and lie in nostalgia. Shelter mixes Mediterranean percussion with the eternal rock sound. The guitar playing and rhythms have an eastern sound. This shows a new sound from what we’ve heard till now in the album beyond funk Latin rock and retro Latin pop rock. Harmonie, flawless playing, and an infectious groove dominate this song.

Llévame is a hypnotic song with a sensuous sound. Acoustic guitars, percussion, and clean guitars add the right sprinklings of divine musicality. Por Ti, that is for you, starts with lyrics about magical moments. Horns are used to give a hook along with clean guitars for rhythm. El Día with a synth bassline and chorus vocal harmonies, this song gives a unique sonic signature. No Puedo Cruzar with its grooving bassline and reggae-ish guitar rhythm takes on a joyride. Feeds You has soul-inspired vocal choral harmonies with a classic rock sound. Highlight of the record! The album concludes with El Camino, a befitting end to a dazzling journey.

With her trusty black Les Paul would not disappoint the lovers of rock and music which challenges the mind and soul. Impeccable guitar soloing on every track is a joy to listen to. We get a plethora of instruments from Latin percussion to experimental synths, to juicy electric guitar solos. There is something in this record for everyone. With Reflexión, Eljuri has sculpted a deeply eclectic and magical musical journey with myriad shades of colours.

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