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Run Away – DJ H Chimist | Escape into Synthland

“Run Away” is the latest release by DJ H Chimist, originally from France– and now a collaborator and contributor to the French music scene, having teamed up with beatboxers, producers, rappers, et cetera. Please keep reading for my thoughts on the track!

The whole track is based loosely on a synth-wave, 1990s-2000s type pop sound brought to the fore by so many artists during the turn of the millennium. The intro to the track is dominated by the prominent, arpeggiated synth line that builds up to a drum fill, making way for the vocals. The vocal presentation is apt, with a balladlike feel to it that draws the listener in, and manages to retain a lot of its singability through the different sections and styles that DJ H Chimist takes us through, over the course of the track.

The production is decidedly accurate for the theme of the song, with its various layers sitting cohesively together to create a nice, and unified front of the soundstage. The mix is well glued together, and leaves room for all of the different elements of the song while letting the mix breathe and sound organic.

With “Run Away”, DJ H Chimist brings out a sound that not many people experiment with today, and I think that is a perfectly good thing. The execution is what matters in a scenario like this, and I’m glad to report that a good case of such is more than true here. Check out “Run Away” by DJ H Chimist here today!

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