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Sophie Breton’s “Slow Driver” is a Soulful Song you shouldn’t miss
Sophie Breton’s “Slow Driver” is a Soulful Song you shouldn’t miss

Sophie Breton’s “Slow Driver” is a Soulful Song you shouldn’t miss

Sophie Breton is a singer and songwriter from Quebec who is known for her influential music, refreshing taste, and out-of-the-box approach. 

Her recent release is a song called “Slow Driver” which feels like an intense, whimsical retreat of gorgeous soundscapes. The musicality of the song feels like a dreamy escape, with its serene, laid-back acoustics, muffled drum beats, and soft, ethereal vocals. All of these qualities make this song quite soulful and dreamy. When it comes to the production of the song, it is simple yet otherworldly with its unique complex mesh of harmonies and beautiful tunes and melodies woven together in a gorgeous way. The reason why the song feels too great is because of its mystical vibes. Once you start listening to the track, it will feel like a deep, intensifying world of art and beauty that keeps getting better with every listen. You would want to listen to this song again and again to fully immerse yourself in the magical mystical world it offers. 

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Breton with her unique musical flairs, makes it a point to remain authentic with whatever she does, and this particular song is no exception. With its interesting, melodious tunes, you would find yourself getting lost in its transcendentality and who knows, you might find a new song for your playlist. 

This song is surely something you would wanna hear to complement a slow-paced day, a long leisurely shower, or even a quiet long drive. 

You shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Listen to this song right here:

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