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Third Lung-Dialogues of The Few
Third Lung-Dialogues of The Few
Third Lung-Dialogues of The Few

Third Lung-Dialogues of The Few | A toast to effort

Some bands have the spark to make a fire. Some fizzle out. When the will to exceed is written into their M.O, you know something special is being witnessed by us. Third Lung is one of those groups that has seen meteoric rise to the pinnacle with their music. Dialogues of The Few condenses their effort through the year for a wonderful album.

A sound that carries itself

Beginning the festivities with I A Fire, Third Lung sure do know how to control a certain aspect of mania in their songs. Using simple chords and layering instruments with compositional wizardry, Third Lung elevate what their track can be to what it is. A blessed roller coaster. Their ups and downs with clean, soaring vocals captivate the mind’s ear. Making their chords sound huge with the spacing and clever syncopation, we hear history being made with this group.

Hold the Line is an inspirational ballad, with a strong bassline and sweet, resounding guitars. No wonder they headline for groups that need to amp up the crowd, the sound is addictively hair-raising. In many parts, Third Lung sound a lot like Manic Street Preachers with their chorus and choice of arrangements. The breakdown gels in well for a complete, wholesome track.

With their next track Art of Stealing, they slow the pace down for an acoustic heart-to-heart. This is a ridiculously well matched ode to Bruce Springsteen, especially his new album. The vocals have the raspy strength to approach the heart from straight ahead. Depending on the bare minimal accompaniment provided by the piano, Third Lung experiment with scale changes and powerful lyricism.

Foreshadowing brilliance

Bound to be their Everlong/set closer track, What Is a Life ? was instantly recognizable as a hit. With the arpeggiated guitar and vocals, it’s something that appeals to all of us, the way it rises and takes you along for the trip. The alternate marching band sound is something that keeps the pace, this is definitely a track the crowd will want to sing along with. Depending on external energy for the reflection of the harmonics and echoes, Third Lung are creating music with their fans here.

The album closes with a simple single from earlier this year titled Climb. It is another well composed number, especially the lyrics inspire me in different ways. With a message that has been said several times in several ways, we just have to overcome adversity with the will to survive. To thrive. The same can be said for Third Lung. They created this group in the midst of terrible pandemonium that shook the known world. They have pushed through, and excelled at what they’ve hoped they could make. Dialogues of the few will be the redemption of many, that’s how the songs have been created.

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