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Merry Christmas – The Flying Trombone Sisters | Fusion

Out with a re-release of their 2014 fusion track from their EP, ‘The Flying Trombone Sisters’, Tokyo-based five-piece band, Merry Christmas are back with one of their unique fusion tracks. They are known for blending fuzz folk, math rock and pop in their songs and showcase a lighthearted, laid-back sound with catchy melodies and hooks in their music. Their latest release, with the same title as their EP, features artists Ben George, Matthew Thorne, Joe-Joe Moran Douglas, Yuki Nishimura and Yurie Yamaguchi.

The track begins with a bright xylophone-like melody along with an electric guitar and a trombone in the intro. With infectious chorus vocals and a tight drum rhythm, the next few bars are a bit more lively and get the listener oriented with the cheerful mood of the track. A heavily distorted electric guitar introduces two-part vocals in the verse; quite raw and simple. What’s the most appealing about the track is the hook line, you’re going to have a really hard time getting that tune out of your head!

Fused with the aggression of hard rock and the repetitiveness of pop, the track features a diverse selection of instruments, ranging from soft acoustic guitars to mellow synth melodies. The almost five-minute-long track is quite dynamic, in that it gets very loud and energetic in the choruses. I personally think the mix could’ve been a bit cleaner, but maybe the slightly detuned, chorus effect was something the band was going for. Either way, it’s a nice composition with some easy-on-the-ear bits.

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