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Ben Freeman – Rejoice | Soulful/Uplifting

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, pianist and producer Ben Freeman recently came out with a soulful track called ‘Rejoice’ with artists Aric B., Vélez, and Soul Connection. Known for his cinematic tracks that showcase his powerful vocals with heartfelt storytelling, Freeman delivers a truly captivating performance on his latest single. Additionally, gospel-influenced melodies further enhance the feel of his introspective lyrics, a masterful composition that will surely have you playing the track on repeat!

The just over five-minute-long track is introduced with a simple castanet rhythm over which Freeman’s emotive vocals sing a melancholic tune. His smooth runs are an absolute pleasure to listen to right from the start of the track and are later accompanied by rich harmonies. With the addition of a mellow electric guitar and some keys, the track gets a lot more colourful, supporting the lead melody extravagantly.

This song evokes a sense of joy and satisfaction with its inspiring melodies and hopeful chord progressions. It’s a journey through an atmosphere of wonder and Freeman captures that feeling excellently here. The soulful layers of soothing voices over the lush instrumentation set the stage for the latter half of the track where it gets a bit upbeat and lively. Reminiscent of gospel rhythms with bass-driven progressions and choirs, ‘Rejoice’ is one of those tracks that would suit the right music theatre performance very well. It’s a story in and of itself and Freeman’s skilful songwriting and singing really shines through on this track.

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