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Justin Starling | Create Yourself | I am Kobe | Hip Hop | Tribute |Grover Baam
Justin Starling | Create Yourself | I am Kobe | Hip Hop | Tribute |Grover Baam


It’s one thing to be a prolific rapper in 2021, but Justin Starling attempts to reskin himself with every release. None of the nearly dozen projects this rapper has dropped this year sound the same. He clearly relishes laying his non-sequitur raps over as many regional styles as possible. Starling’s music is breathless and unpredictable. Grover Baam does a brilliant job on the production of this tribute.

In 2015, he launched his Instagram (@JUSTUSraps), posting fifteen second freestyle videos and covers of popular songs. This page was his ticket to fame, especially when NBA star Damian Lillard started to follow him. Justin made his official debut in 2018 with the EP ‘20Gr8teen.’ It was an immediate hit with fans and critics alike

‘I am Kobe‘ tells the story of The Black Mamba’s early years and blends lost audio tapes with interviews from those close to Kobe including coaches, friends, and family. ‘Create Yourself’ is a tribute to Kobe and part of the original music of ‘I am Kobe’. It sounds like something you’d hear in the background of a 2K game. Its one of those tracks that you can listen on repeat!

Grover Baam deserves credit for bringing the all the elements of the track together. The beat is refreshing with an EDM – house feel. The drop has a very nice hook from Starling where he sounds exactly like Big Sean or am I just hearing things. His lyrics are meaningful and their delivery is just as impactful as the story he narrates.

The inescapable rapper continues to go beyond the usual rage rap expectations, bending his voice without ever making it feel gimmicky. Starling prefers to let his art speak for itself.

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