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Ajay Mathur - Talking Loud
Ajay Mathur - Talking Loud

Ajay Mathur – Talking Loud | Versatile Rock

Ajay Mathur is a musician and singer based in Germany and Grammy-nominated! While the artist is Swiss by choice he acknowledges his Indian roots with his latest album Talking Loud. He encompasses eclectic, grounded and always surprising music with his gargantuan sound. While Talking Loud is his latest album, it features 15 tracks and runs for nearly an hour! There is so much to unpack with this album so let’s just dive right into it.

Starting the album off on Sooner or Later, the track has the most classic rock sound ever. With the electric ’80s sound that Mathur brings to the track, the song sounds like a mix of KISS, Van Halen and Europe. The synthy sound is so magnetic and electrifying, drawing you into it. We find similar features in more tracks on the album like the titular Talking Loud which features the Funk Rock style of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Additionally, we have more traditional Indian elements in I Need You Now. The tracks have a very upbeat feeling that truly captures everything about Ajay Mathur.

Real, while upbeat-ish, is also an emotional track with a lot of acoustic and electronic elements. Ajay Mathur has a brilliant sonic understanding with quite a flair for songwriting. His Grammy nomination is most definitely deserved. His songs sound so complete and whole with everything that goes on in them. Similarly, in Don’t Want the Phone to Ring, we find authentic, real lyrics and sounds. Ajay knows his instruments so well, using them all to their fullest extents. His voice is the perfect baritone to go along with his instrumentals as well. His lyrics are simply sublime. We see this in other tracks like Ain’t Going Nowhere and Anytime At All as well. These tracks are so versatile, so dynamic and they showcase just how great Ajay Mathur and his range is.

Stop The Shame reminds me of some older Radiohead tracks but with such a lovely authentic feeling. Ajay Mathur can verbalise and vocalise his emotions and feelings so elegantly. The instrumental track is just as important if not more than his vocals and he recognises how each element is part of the music. He truly understands music and it really shows. Especially in tracks like Deeper Than Your Skin and Common Mistake. The latter of the two shows just how good he is with every instrument. The synth, bass, guitar, drums and vocals are perfect. I don’t know how to explain it in any way apart from saying that it’s my favourite track on the album.

Stuck On 75 is the most energetic track o the album with the horns and distorted guitar playing the honky tonk like anything. Ajay Mathur is not afraid to really let loose in this track and he knows just how to set the mood for anything and this album has been one of the most versatile I’ve ever heard. While tracks like Comedian are more classically-oriented and showcases Mathur’s European influence, he throws in a vocoder and throws you off his trail entirely. This man has so much to offer the music world and it’s surprising that not as many people are talking about him.

Ajay Mathur has everything a Grammy-nominated artist should have and more to offer. With the musical genius of Beethoven and the execution of, well, himself really.

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