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Karen Harding - It's Okay
Karen Harding - It's Okay
Karen Harding - It's Okay

Karen Harding – It’s Okay

A beautiful composition with very minimalistic yet soul-pleasing elements is what the new dual single by Karen Harding, It’s Okay, is! Based out of Melbourne, Australia, singer-songwriter Karen started her musical journey at the age of six with piano, and at the age of 14, she began taking singing lessons formally. She released her debut single in May 2021. Since then, she has had a whooping 1.5k+ monthly listeners from different corners of the world.

A friend in the form of music!

In her latest single, It’s Okay, Karen Harding takes us on a journey of self-exploration where we come to terms with the most vulnerable phases of human beings. Self-doubt is something that we humans encounter every now and then. These thoughts lead to feelings of inferiority, and seldom are we able to ignore them and move on! In this track, we come across such a moment of self-doubt, but while the music is thematically sad, it also uplifts your spirit with a sense of acceptance, optimism for a better tomorrow, and empowerment over such thoughts that pull you back in life.

This song is the perfect, and perhaps the most beautiful example of how the tunes played through an acoustic guitar can touch your soul and close your eyes to explore the beauty of the world it takes you in! The other song of this dual single, Greener On The Other Side, boasts similarly stark acoustic elements but with the addition of a string section that sounds intriguing and mysterious and adds more richness to the composition.

Overall, both the compositions of Karen Harding’s It’s Okay sound like you’re receiving a warm, comforting hug from someone who also encounters similar feelings! Her beautiful voice gives us a sense of peace and tranquility that we crave during lonesome nights when certain thoughts come to haunt us. Listen to this dual single here:

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