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Leo Nazz – Leo Nazz
Leo Nazz – Leo Nazz

Leo Nazz – Leo Nazz | Raw Beauty

Australian artist Leo Nazz, the country and folk rock singer-songwriter, comes along with his debut self-titled EP. Hailing from Melbourne, Leo crafts deep poetic music along the traditions of the folk greats like Leonard Cohen, Vance Joy, and Cat Stevens.

“I wanted to be honest” is the first track on the EP. Its guitars and catchy drum beat form a comfortable riff. The guitar tone is retro and crunchy and well-balanced. The second track “it feels like” is a sweet cozy acoustic song. The lyrics are relatable and very direct with emotions laid bare. They describe people being across each and living in the same space but feeling like being from different universes. How long before it runs dry? The bass line is simple while most of the arrangement has a folk rock character to it.

The third song on the EP is the folk rock ballad “late summer night phone calls”. Commencing with a morose intro acoustic riff, with harmonica and strings later joining in. The song transition to a whole rock feel with the drums coming in the second half. We also get a tasty guitar solo which is phrased aptly. The fourth track “white noise” is a retrospective track on broken relationships. The theme deals with tensions and wondering if it was worth all the hassle. Featuring vocal harmonies and an interesting arrangement, this song will settle down in your mind. A demo of the song “I don’t mind” is the last track on the EP. This is a simple acoustic singing track with great taste and a warm feel. The classic singer-songwriter style with a fresh sound.

The EP features hauntingly beautiful melodies, poetic lyrics, and authentic instrumentation, showcasing the artist’s mastery of the folk rock and country genres. This EP is a masterpiece of traditional and contemporary elements, capturing the essence of the singer-songwriter genre with raw emotion and introspective storytelling. Each song is a journey through the artist’s soul, conveying a deep connection to their heart and struggles. Do not miss Leo Nazz!

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