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Liv Crash-You Fool (Mad)
Liv Crash-You Fool (Mad)
Liv Crash-You Fool (Mad)

Liv Crash delivers a ballad while bruised with “You Fool (Mad)”

Liv Crash is a bona fide rock lover. Not only does it show in all the songs he composes, but his lyrics vary from the whimsical, to the serious and forlorn. In the songs that he has composed, you’ll never hear the same sound twice. That’s the signature gold standard for any good musician. This is his latest single, You Fool (Mad).

Here, we see something like what Chris Cornell would compose. By instrumentality, it might feel like Bruce Springsteen, and by the rugged disposition of his lyrics. This is a raconteur spot, a narrator with the spotlight on him. As the background fades away and the camera pans around him, you are mesmerized by the dexterity of his voice. The minimal instrumentals show us the baritone he bares for this song. The lyrics are of heartbreak, and the lessons learnt from it. The groove makes it like a ballad, and the soothing, soft harmonics with the choir bring the dimension a song like this requires. Liv Crash also makes sure that the instrumentals experience a dynamic change, well spaced phrasing and the importance of each note is felt. Simple, yet a story told with emotional depth.

His single Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs was something I wrote about in a review. A catchy, fun rhythm with a cool, funky soul. ‘Cause Even in This Song changed texture again to show how music is just a secondary pulse for him. There is a lot to get addicted to with this artist. Follow him for more surprises like this, and listen to this cool single here:

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